Seven reasons why daily cardio can help you reach your highest potential!

Seven reasons why daily cardio can help you reach your highest potential!

Staying in shape can be difficult, but it’s something that everyone should do to ensure their health. However, you don’t need to run an ironman or run ten miles every day. Regular walks can be enough to improve your health and keep you fit. The health benefits of cardio regularly are numerous.

Aside from improving your mental and cardiovascular health, as well as aiding in weight loss, doing cardio outside regularly can just be a great way to get some fresh air into your lungs and get some much-needed vitamin D from direct sunlight. Never underestimate the power of the sun!  

These are seven benefits of cardio that you may experience even if you only walk for 30 minutes a day! Cardio is recommended by the Mayo Clinic and it is bound to benefit you in the following ways:


1.  Effectively aids in weight loss: Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that walking regularly can reduce the effects of 32 obesity-promoting genes in the human body.

2.  Helps to boost your immune system: Walking at least 30 minutes a day was shown to increase the level of cells in the body’s immune system in a study done at Appalachian State University in North Carolina.

3.  Can be effective in preventing diabetes: The American Diabetes Association states that “aerobic exercise helps your body use insulin better,” and this can include a daily brisk walk after meals. 

4.  Improves mental health: One of the main benefits of walking is that it can improve your mood. According to the Mayo Clinic, walking can help improve symptoms of depression and anxiety

5.  Decreases the risk of certain cancers: Two studies from the American Society for Clinical Oncology showed that preforming some sort of cardio for three hours a week can reduce the risk of dying from breast or bowel cancer by half 

6.  Reduces cravings for sweets and the need for “stress eating”: Studies from the University of Exeter found that walking for just 15 minutes can help to curb cravings for sugary foods. It was also found to reduce cravings during stressful situations.

7.  Highly benefits cardiovascular health: One of the benefits of walking is promoting heart health. A study from the Harvard Medical School found that walking roughly 20 minutes a day can reduce the risk of heart disease by 30%.


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