How did MiNU begin?

The story of MiNU began when we were unable to find our healthier versions of our favorite snacks.

When Matt and Sava created MiNU we wanted to provide people with snack food that was nutritious and completely natural. We hope with what we've created that it has helped to change the way people look at the food they consume while influencing a positive perception of healthy eating with real whole foods.

Matt and Sava started our mission in early 2019 to change the way people snack. 

With an interest in conscious eating, our founder Matt  (a cancer survivor) tuned his diet to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. He swapped processed and unhealthy foods for low sugar organic foods. With this, he saw a dramatic positive increase in the way his body reacted to these foods.

Supporting the growth of organic farming is our mission. 


Co Founders Matt and Sava