Three killer foods for energy

1.   Fruits -  Fruits have been known for a long time to provide natural sustained energy.  With natural sugar that your body can process you'll be sure to have enough organic energy to get you through the day.  

2.  Nuts - Nuts also have a low water content, with water activity (aw) between 0. ... Brazilnuts, pecans, and macadamia nuts are richest in fat and energy, fol- lowed by almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and pine nuts. Pistachios and cashews are the nuts with the lowest energy content.

3.  Seeds - Nuts and dried fruit are the ideal combination of healthy fats, fiber and protein. While refined carbs that are void of fiber quickly break down into glucose for short bursts of energy, fiber helps slow down glucose-release so there is always a steady supply. Similar to fiber, protein also slows down metabolism of carbs and repairs muscle damage to prevent post-training soreness. Fats such as nuts, seeds and oils are notorious for providing long-lasting energy particularly for longer runs or swims over an hour.


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